Creative problem solving to achieve your objectives

Our principal aim is to help negotiate and close successful deals

Evans Dodd provides legal advice, in the UK and internationally, to help create and close business deals. We tackle each project in a practical and personal way, thinking ahead, identifying potential problems and providing swift, effective solutions.

Our approach to problem solving is creative, helping clients achieve their financial and business objectives. Because disagreements and misunderstandings can be time-consuming and costly, we are accessible and responsive at all times. Lines of communication, internally and with clients, are short and clear.

We work closely with clients, and their other professional advisers, to understand their enterprise, the business environment and their immediate and long-term objectives. Each partner is the client's gateway to the collective experience of the firm.

The Evans Dodd team bring you the highest quality Advice

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Evans Dodd

Bringing you the highest quality Advice

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